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Praslin. Recreation and entertainment

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Praslin Island is considered the most beautiful island in the Seychelles. It is often called the real"Garden of Eden".

The best beach on the island   - Anse Lasio. This beach is located in the   northwest of Praslin. It is   the only one of   all beaches not   protected by a coral reef stretching along the entire island. This beach is famous for its white sand and   clear waters. If you walk along the sea for about 2, 5   kilometers, you can walk to   absolutely wild beach Anse Georgette. After walking a little more, you can come across   Petit Anse Kerlan and   Anse Kerlan. The waters of the first are very calm, and   on the   second, on the contrary, high waves and   stormy sea. In   the very east of Praslin is the Anse Marie-Louise beach, in   which forms a kind of natural pool during   high tide.

The island is very interesting to travel both on foot and   by   bike. And   a large number of underwater animals attracts diving lovers to the   island.



May Valley. The Mayskaya Valley Nature Reserve was declared only in   1996  , and   since   has been attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world.

In   this reserve is not   you can hear sounds, except for the screams of black parrots and the murmur of streams. The tourist routes are marked with arrows, all paths are easy to walk and   are maintained in excellent   condition.

Local legend says that it was here that the Garden of Eden was once located, and   the fruit with which the serpent once tempted Eve, was not at all   an apple, but  "sea coconut".

It is by visiting the May Valley that you can see how tropical forests looked many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

It's best to visit this reserve early in the morning, when it is almost deserted. It is in the   May Valley, by the way, that a very rare species of birds lives   - a black parrot.

Praslin Island   is one of the   few in the   world where"sea coconut" grows, which can also be considered a landmark of the island. This rare and   unusual plant bears fruit only once every   10   years for   30   nuts. Each fruit weighs   20-25 kilograms.

"Sea nuts" were often nailed to the shores of Indonesia, the Maldives and   India, but   before   the discovery of the Seychelles, no one and     had no idea what it was, so they   and   were called"sea".

And   only in   1756, after an expedition to   Praslin, was a grove of"sea coconut" discovered.

Its nuts are almost never   eaten, and   in   is mainly used to make Coco de Mer liqueur.

The villages of Bay Saint Anne and   Grand Anse. Almost the entire population of Praslin Island lives in these two villages. By visiting   them, you can get to know the   Creole culture and   life of the inhabitants of this particular island, which is somewhat different from the   life of other islanders.

Black Pearl. The Black Pearl includes several attractions at once. This is a shellfish farm, where you can learn about the   growth and   reproduction of these sea animals, a pearl factory, and   also a shop where tourists can buy unique and   quality jewelry made of   unusual black pearls.


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