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Frigate. Recreation and entertainment

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Almost the entire coastal part of the island is a beach. There are all conditions for relaxation and   swimming. With   you can swim almost anywhere, but the best place for diving is the coast in the   southwest of the island. There are especially many colorful corals and   various marine life.

There are seven beaches on the   island, the best of which is   Anse Victorine, located in the   northwestern part of the island.

There are no cars on the   island, so the only transport on the   Frigate is a bike, which can be rented. It is interesting to walk around the island on foot.

Everything on the   island is focused on   comfortable rest: numerous tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, video libraries and   music library, libraries   and, of course, restaurants, where you can taste both Creole and   European cuisine.

Fans of fishing can take in   rent of special boats for sea fishing. Then you can give your catch to the chef, who will prepare it for you in the most suitable way.



The main attraction of the Frigate   is its nature. The flora and   fauna of this island is surprisingly diverse. The   named in   honor of the bird frigate island is home to more than 40   species of birds. Among them are earthen and   sunny birds, magpie Robin, and   also rare blue doves, which were brought here in the   20s years of the 20th century. There are many   water birds   - magic terns, herons and   others.

There are also a lot of unique plants here   - these are   avocado and   citrus plantations, and   bamboo groves, and whole nuts ... Even baobabs grow here.

Giant sea turtles have chosen Frigate Island as their habitat. These huge animals have been living for more than 150   years. They   can often be seen near trees with   cashew nuts   - turtles love to feast on the fruits of this tree.

Both   animals and   birds are accustomed to   people, and   let them   close to themselves.

Another attraction of the island   is its highest point, Signal Rock 125   meters high. With   its   tops you can inspect not   only the entire island, but   and   the ocean adjacent to it.

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Topic: Frigate. Recreation and entertainment.Frigate. Recreation and entertainment

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