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Mahe. Recreation and entertainment

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There are 68   beaches on   Mahe. Almost anyone can rent equipment for water sports: water skiing, windsurfing, surfing, diving or snorkelling. Directly from the   beach, you can go on a   sea excursion by   motor boat or yacht.

Beaches of Mahe

Bon Vallon. The largest and   most popular beach the whole island and   in general all the Seychelles. The sand here is surprisingly clean, there are absolutely no stones.

The reef located at the   beach plays the role of a breakwater, so the waves at Bon Vallon are not very high. There are special platforms on   water, with   which you can dive into the   water.

The nearby village of Bon Vallon has souvenir shops, a bank and a gas station.

Bon Vallon is located just   3   miles west of Victoria , so you can get to   and   on foot. There is also a regular bus to the   beach.

Grand Anse. The peculiarity of this beach   - crystal-clear blue waters. This spot is very popular with surfers due to the high waves. However, from   May to   September in the   waters of this beach you need to be extremely careful   - the sea becomes very stormy.

Anse Forbans and   Anse Royal. These two beaches are protected by a coral reef, so the waters in these places are very calm. It also eats all the conditions for swimming in a   mask with a snorkel.

Anse Intedanse. This is a very unusual beach. The waves are so high here that it is absolutely unsuitable for swimming. But this beach is considered the most beautiful on the   island. It is   is a sandy arc of   500   meters, surrounded by palm trees. It also offers a magnificent view of the   ocean.



Victoria   is the capital of Seychelles. It is   considered one of the smallest capitals in the   world. The city of Victoria can only be considered   compared with   even smaller settlements in   the territory of the Seychelles.

The city was founded by the French in   1778   year, but the name was given by the British (in   honor of the then English queen) .

The whole city is simply buried in   greenery   - everywhere you can see coconut palms, and   on the hills that surround the city, rainforests grow.

The central street of this city is Market Straight. From the   name it is clear that there is a huge number of shops and   souvenir shops on it. All of them are geared towards   tourists.

Victoria abounds in restaurants that follow Creole traditions, and   also numerous casinos, bars and   discos.

The city market sells fruits and   vegetables, and   also various seafood from   all over the country.

By the way, in   Victoria is two single traffic lights on the whole archipelago. There are no traffic lights anywhere else.


Diving on   Mahe

On   Mahe and   in   coastal waters are more than 70   famous diving sites. The most popular are:

Trompeuse Rocks. It rises to the   surface from   a depth of 20   meters and   is famous for a huge number of sea inhabitants.

Mamelles. A small uninhabited island at   11   kilometers from   Mahe. A small cove, bordered by rocks, ends with a picturesque through cave.

The Ennerdale. Sunken British tanker. Divers are not attracted by   so much he   as the local animals   - various types of sharks, cod and   many other animals have chosen this place as their home. It is also home to lobsters and   large octopuses.


Le Jardan du Roi Royal Garden. The Royal Garden is located   2   kilometers from   Anse Royale beach. A walking tour allows you to explore the entire park. The planter's lodge with   restaurant and   small museum is worth a visit.

Seychelles Morne National Park. In the middle of this park is the highest point of the Seychelles   - the Seychelles Morne mountain with a height of 907   meters. Rare trees grow here, and   There is a tea factory nearby where you can taste local teas.

St. Anne Marine National Park. This water park is located between several islands in the archipelago. A tour of   it   is a walk on a   special boat with a   transparent bottom.

Botanical Garden of Mont Fleury. The Botanical Garden is located near the   capital of the state, Victoria. It was founded in   1901   year.

Now, more than 500 species of various plants grow on the territory of the Botanical Garden. A completely unique collection stands out especially,   which includes 50   types of palm trees in   chapter with   Seychelles Coco de mer. The orchid garden is also popular,   which grows orchids of all colors, collected from   all over the world.

In addition to plants, the   park is also home to insects, reptiles and   birds. Among them, rare butterflies and   huge turtles stand out. Turtles can be fed and   even petted.

Market Street. On   Victoria's main street, except for shops and   shops with   souvenirs, there are several attractions. For example, the world famous Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built in the   20th   century. Also very interesting is the Clock Tower   - a small copy of London's Big Ben, erected in the   early 20th   century. A place worth visiting is where artisans sell their wares   - Craft Village .

Victoria Museums

National Museum of History. The Seychelles National Museum is not large, but its exposition is very interesting. It will especially appeal to fans of pirate stories. The   museum displays treasures found in   reefs, wreckage of ships that crashed on   coastal rocks, utensils and   tools that somehow belonged to famous pirates. Most of the collection is dedicated to the Creole culture. Here   also contains information about   largest ever found"sea coconuts". In general, this place will interest any tourist, since the history of the islands is presented very vividly and   interesting.

Museum of Natural History. In this museum you can see many interesting exhibits. Among them are rare triple nuts of coco de mer, the shells of large turtles, and   also the jaw of a huge crocodile. This jaw was discovered at King's Bay. Once upon a time, the Seychelles was the home of these large reptiles.

Museum of the United Party of the Seychelles. В   in this museum you can get acquainted with the   political history of the island. The exhibits of this museum reflect the struggle of the islanders for   their independence.

Topic: Mahe. Recreation and entertainment.Mahe. Recreation and entertainment

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