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Geography and climate in Praslin

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Geography and   Climate

Praslin Island is located   36   kilometers from   Victoria. Its territory is   - 26   square kilometers. Dimensions   - 11   4   kilometers. The     archipelago is the second largest after the island of Mahe.

The relief of Praslin is much less mountainous than the relief of the island of Mahe. The highest point of the island   - 330 meters above sea level. The mountains are quite gentle and   rather smoothly descend to the   coast of the island.

The climate on   Praslin is marine, subequatorial. In the   period from   December to   May (rainy season), the air temperature rises to   + 29   ° С, the air humidity is high, and   it rains quite often. From   June to   November is a little cooler, up to   + 24   ° С, the air humidity is low and   there is almost no rain.

Tropical showers are usually very short, so it's comfortable to relax on the   island all year round ... However, the best conditions for   rest are in   October and   May. The sea at   this time is very calm, and   wind and   there is practically no rain.

You can get to   Praslin from   Mahe Island by   plane (about 20   minutes in   way) or by   boat ( about an hour in   path).


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Topic: Geography and climate in Praslin.Geography and climate in Praslin

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