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Ibn Tulun Mosque in Egypt, Cairo resort

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This mosque is one of the oldest and largest mosques in Cairo. It was built at the end of the 9th century, even before Cairo itself officially appeared. Inside, the Ibn Tulun mosque strongly resembles the Nasir mosque in the Citadel.

This mosque was built by Ahmed Ibn Tulun, where, according to legend, Abraham was going to sacrifice his son.

The mosque looks like a huge rectangular fortress, which is surrounded by a wall with battlements. This wall surrounds a square courtyard. You can get into it through a wooden gate.

The courtyard of the mosque is bordered by arched galleries on pillars. In the center there is a fountain for ablution. In the 13th century, a special dome was erected over it. On the fountain is written a saying from the Koran about the importance of ablution before all prayers.  

In the south, the courtyard gradually turns into a prayer hall. There are 6 niches for prayer in the mosque – mihrabov. The most outstanding of them is – it is a niche sponsored by the caliph's guest al-Afdal Shahinshah. This mihrab is richly decorated with stacco and inscriptions telling about the biography of the Caliph.

In the center of the sanctuary of the mosque there is a wooden bench, standing on columns of marble – dick. It is used for chanting, quoting the Koran and calling to prayer.

The minaret of the mosque is slightly deviated from the axis of the main niche and is located north of the fence. This is a rather unusual stone structure, as its staircase is outside. The architecture of the building dates back to the 13th century. Bridge with horseshoe-shaped Andalusian arches, corrugated helmet crown, double arches and stepped ledges  

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Topic: Ibn Tulun Mosque in Egypt, Cairo resort.Ibn Tulun Mosque in Egypt, Cairo resort

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