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Salladin Citadel in Egypt, Cairo resort

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The Citadel is one of the main attractions of Cairo. The inhabitants of the city call it the `` Fortress '' or 'Fortress on the mountain'. The territory of the Citadel – about 18 hectares, it consists of numerous towers and walls. Inside the Citadel there are mosques, warehouses, barracks and even palaces.

In general, the Citadel is divided into two parts – southern, built by the Mamelukes, and northern – older.

The citadel was built in the 12th century by the ruler Salladin. Since those times, practically nothing has changed – despite the time, desert storms, winds and sun, the fortress still stands and remains as strong as 800 years ago.

The citadel was built by 50   000 people, almost all of them were taken prisoner by the crusaders. Several small pyramids in Giza were dismantled to erect the walls of the fortress.

Until recently, the entrance to the Citadel was prohibited without special permission. Now, almost the entire complex is open to tourists. It is worth visiting the Citadel not only because of the mosques and museums, but also because in good weather it offers a beautiful view of the pyramids and Cairo itself.

The main mosque of the Citadel – this is the Nasir mosque. It is decorated with stones of two colors. The mosque was built in the 14th century and at the same time can accommodate about 5   000 people.

This mosque, like other mosques in Cairo, has no roof. More precisely, it is only near the walls, but the center of the building is in the open air.

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Topic: Salladin Citadel in Egypt, Cairo resort.Salladin Citadel in Egypt, Cairo resort

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