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Sultan Hassan Mosque in Egypt, Cairo resort

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The Sultan Hassan Mosque is one of the most beautiful, famous and monumental mosques in Cairo. It was built during the reign of Sultan El Nasser Hasan, as well as his son, El Nasser Mohamed ibn Qalaun. The construction of this mosque nearly devastated the state treasury.

The building was built in front of the citadel of Saladin, on the square. The construction of the mosque began in 1356, and ended in 1363, already under Prince Beshir Agoy.

The area of the mosque – 7907 square kilometers. The entrance is almost 38 meters high.

In addition to the religious, this mosque also has educational value. The four branches of Islam are studied here.

In the very center of the ensemble there is a fountain for ablution. A dome was erected above it, supported by marble arches. Aivans adjoin the courtyard with a fountain, in which the students were engaged. There were four aywans in total, and each of them studied a separate sense: Hanbalis, Shafi'is, Malikis or Hanifis.

In many Islamic mosques, the mausoleum is located in the corner, but here it is located right behind the mihrab. The doors to it are trimmed with bronze with silver and gold. The modern dome, with a side of 21 meters and a height of 48 meters, was built only in the 17th century instead of the previous one. The height of the walls of the mausoleum is 50 meters, they are faced with marble by 8 meters.

Of the two minarets of the mosque, one is considered   one of the tallest Islamic minarets in the world. Its height – 82 meters. It is only 2 meters lower than the tallest minarets.

Many interior items of the mosque are missing now, so it is impossible to get a complete picture of

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