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Sigulda. Recreation and entertainment

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Sigulda is the Latvian center of winter sports, the most pronounced slopes are located in these places. Sigulda has become a place where more than once international competitions in luge and bobsleigh were held.

Given the fact that the city is located in an extremely attractive, picturesque place, both Latvians and foreign citizens from different countries of the world come here with pleasure. The annual number of tourists coming to Sigulda reaches one million.

Various hotels are quite enough for accommodation here: from"two-star" to"four-star". The level of service in hotels is usually quite good, and the price level is average.

In the summer, Sigulda is eagerly visited by those tourists who prefer extreme types of recreation. Here you can have fun with hot air balloon flights or bungee jumping.

You can also visit the Mezakakis Adventure Park (Forest Cat), where those who wish are invited to overcome various natural obstacles, climbing ropes and rope ladders.

The winter months are the time for tobogganing and bobsleigh lovers. was opened in 1986.


The most famous cultural attractions of Sigulda are:
  • Turaida Castle begins its history in 1214, when the bishop of Riga ordered to found a castle in these places. For more than five centuries, the Turaida Castle stood up until it was destroyed by fire. Restoration work, begun in the 20th century, continues to this day. At present, visitors can see the restored towers: the North and South, part of the fortress wall, as well as the tower, which has an observation deck at a height of 26 meters. Surrounding Turaida Castle is a sculptural complex.
  • New Sigulda Castle belongs to the neo-Gothic style. Once it belonged to the Borkh family of counts, and in the 19th century it became the residence of Prince Dmitry N. Kropotkin.
  • On the territory of Nurmuizha estate there is an architecturally interesting palace. This palace was built in the 16th century, in appearance most of all it resembles a palazzo. The wings are symmetrical, with a small courtyard in the center. The window frames on the main facade are made using sgraffito technique. The chapel, decorated with Gothic vaults, is located in one of the outbuildings. The palace stable is made in a classicist style, its construction dates back to the 19th century.

Natural attractions of Sigulda - this is, first of all, Gutmana cave. The largest cave in Latvia, which has a source of water at the base, which, according to many, has healing properties. It should be noted that the Gauja Natural Park with all its beauties surrounding the city is also a major natural landmark not only in Sigulda, but throughout Latvia.

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