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Uludag. Recreation and entertainment

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Tourism and entertainment

Uludag resort is located at an altitude of just under 2,000 meters above sea level. It has a developed tourist infrastructure, offering vacationers various types of active recreation: hiking and cycling, downhill and cross-country skiing, biathlon, slalom, cross-country skiing.

The total length of Uludag tracks is 20 kilometers and ranges from 1765 meters to 2543 meters. Most of the slopes are quite gentle and allow guests who do not have solid sports and physical training, to fully enjoy a comfortable rest on the mountain slopes of Uludag.

The unique features of the Uludag resort include the presence of a biathlon track, as well as a separate territory, allowing for snowmobiling.

For those who prefer cross-country skiing, Uludag resort offers about 20 kilometers of special trails.

The resort complex is equipped with 14 lifts, 9 of which are chair-type superior comfort. Each of the Uludag hotels has its own ski lift, which allows you to reach the top of the desired descent without any difficulties and additional time expenditures.


Uludag offers various types of accommodation, including hotels, chalets and guesthouses. Moreover, the price level of accommodation differs significantly depending on the place chosen and the level of comfort.

More than 10 restaurants, various bars, cafes and nightclubs are open to the guests of the resort. In addition, Uludag offers 2 swimming pools, an indoor ice arena, saunas and hammams.

Those who are just starting to learn alpine skiing can be supported by professional instructors who are part of the local ski school staff.

Uludag Resort provides excellent conditions for a family vacation. Separate, most comfortable tracks have been formed for children. In addition, the hotel staff organizes various children's entertainment activities every day.

Those wishing to get acquainted with the cultural and historical sights of the region, can take an excursion trip to the city of Bursa

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Topic: Uludag. Recreation and entertainment.Uludag. Recreation and entertainment

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