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Burleigh House in the UK, London Resort

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Near the borders of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, at Stamford, in the northeast direction from Peterborough, is the residence Burleigh House (Burghley House). The building, decorated with turrets, magnificent gates and green meadows, reminds travelers of a fairytale palace, which miraculously descended to our land from pictures of children's books.

Burleigh House is really considered the most grandiose residence of Great Britain, preserved from the era of reign Elizabeth I. The building was built in the middle of the 16th century and was intended for the first minister of the queen, Baron Burghley. This title was then held by William Cecil. By the way, his descendants are still the owners of the estate. Today they bear the title of Marquises of Exeter, and the estate itself is one of the eight"treasure houses of England".

The residence fully reflected the architectural preferences of those times. The design style of the building combines the features of Gothic and Renaissance. In particular, it can be compared with sights made in the force of the French Renaissance, for example, with the Chambord castle, which, apparently, the architects were equal to. The interior of Burleigh House is focused on the Richmond Palace, now defunct.

Burleigh House Park, laid out in the 18th century by the famous Lancelot Brown, also gained fame. It was on the territory of the park that the beginning of the equestrian eventing competition was laid, which was facilitated by the sixth Marquis of Exeter, named David Cecil. At the moment, these competitions are considered perhaps the most prestigious in the world.

Burleigh House has appeared in films more than once.

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Topic: Burleigh House in the UK, London Resort.Burleigh House in the UK, London Resort

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