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Helsinki City Museum in Finland, Helsinki health resort

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Helsinki City Museum is a historical museum of Helsinki, the expositions of which demonstrate the stages of the city's development from a small settlement to the capital of Finland. Helsinki, by the standards of European capitals, is quite young - only 450 years old. The idea to create a museum was born at the beginning of the 20th century, when the city was actively being built up. The purpose of the museum was to capture the history of the city, its formation and development.

The City Museum contains rare exhibits: photographs of old, today already demolished, buildings that have changed over time, urban panoramas, household items, antiques, fragments of decoration of demolished buildings. The museum also contains a collection collected by Otto Furunhjelm.

The main museum building was built in the style of national romanticism. It houses the Helsinki Horizons exhibition, representing the history of the city during the reign of the Swedes, the Russians and after the country's independence. The exposition is divided by themes: Helsinki - a seaport, Helsinki as an industrial center, Helsinki - the capital of Finland, Culture and lifestyle of Helsinki. This museum building is located in the city center, next to the Cathedral.

The museum complex also includes the Burger's House, built in 1818. This is the oldest wooden building in the city of Helsinki, and it recreates the everyday life of the bourgeoisie of the 1860s as an exhibition. Another museum building - the Power Plant Museum - is located not far from the city's founding site, at the rapids of the Vantaa River estuary. The first industrial buildings of the city were erected here - a water mill, for example. Sederholm House, the oldest stone building in Helsinki, also part of the City Museum. The building is located on the corner near Senate Square. There is a permanent exhibition that introduces visitors to the life of the merchants of the 18th century. In addition, the Sederholm House hosts temporary exhibitions on various topics. Other divisions of the Helsinki City Museum are also of some interest: School Museum, Villa Khakasalmi, Tram Museum, Tuomarinkyla Manor Museum, Children's Museum, Museum of Workers' Housing.

In the main building of the museum, among other things, there is a cinema"Kino Engel". It shows short films about the history of the city in Finnish, Swedish and sometimes English.

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Topic: Helsinki City Museum in Finland, Helsinki health resort.Helsinki City Museum in Finland, Helsinki health resort

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