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Chatsworth House in the UK

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ImageChatsworth House is a former luxury residence of the Dukes of Devonshire, members of the Cavendish family, located in Derbyshire. This house can rightfully be considered a real treasure and one of the most luxurious estates in Britain. Chatsworth House was built in a baroque architectural style, rare for Great Britain. Sophisticated architectural solutions and exquisite decor rightfully compete with such famous buildings as Blinim Palace and Howard Castle. The palace was erected in 1687 on the initiative of the first Duke of Devonshire, whose merit is the construction of Hardwick Hall nearby. He hired the finest architects of the time, who were familiar with continental Baroque architecture, William Talman and William Archer. Archer also created some remarkable garden pavilions, which included a unique waterfall house. A great contribution to the creation of the unique look of the park at Chatsworth House was made in the middle of the 19th century by the gardener Joseph Paxton, whose merits include, by the way, the creation of London's Crystal Palace. He built on the territory around the residence many original structures, beautiful waterfalls, etc. And especially for a visit to Chatsworth House of Queen Victoria herself, Joseph with great difficulty grew in a separate greenhouse a plant extremely rare in England - Amazonian Victoria. Over the years, the Dukes of Devonshire have diligently filled it with works of art and other values, the total cost of which is an exorbitant amount. However, after the Second World War ended, it suddenly turned out that the estate had a huge amount of debt. Most of the valuables were sold at auction to pay off debts. Today the estate, thanks to its history, attractive appearance and picturesque surroundings, is very popular with tourists. Chatsworth House also receives income from filming a movie on its territory. For example, separate scenes from the films"Pride and Prejudice","The Duchess","The Wolf Man" and others take place here.

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Topic: Chatsworth House in the UK.Chatsworth House in the UK

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