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Marlborough House, UK Resort London

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ImageNext to St. James's Palace is the Marlborough House, which is worth paying as much attention as the palace itself. It was built in the 18th century on the eastern side of the residence, and the architects, Rana's father and sons, had a hand in its creation. The mansion was intended for Sarah Churchill, Queen Anne's close associate. For many years, Marlborough House was the London residence of the descendants of Sarah Churchill, who were called the Dukes of Marlborough. Initially, the layout and design of the mansion had to meet the wishes of the strict duchess. The first stone of the mansion was laid in 1709, the construction lasted for several years, since the residence was built from a rare red brick at that time. In those years, bricks were delivered to the British Isles by sea from Holland. The protracted construction has paid off - the magnificent facade of the building still impresses with its grandeur. The Dukes of Marlborough owned the mansion for about a century, in 1817 the Marlborough House passed to the royal family. Princess Charlotte and her husband, Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg, were supposed to live in the residence. However, the princess soon died, and the prince, having lived for some time in the mansion, returned to his homeland in Belgium. The next owner of the building was the royal widow Adelaide, she occupied Marlborough House from 1837 to 1849. In 1853, Prince Albert of Wales decided to open the National College of Art in the mansion, which soon became the Royal College of Art. The educational institution was located in the residence of the dukes until 1861. After this time, the Prince of Wales himself settled in the mansion. In those days, the building was significantly expanded, the architect Sir James Pennithorny redesigned the roof, porch, added rooms and built a stable. The prince's family remained in the residence until 1901, when Albert was declared king. At the beginning of the 20th century, the widow of King George V, Queen Mary, settled in Marlborough House. The residence was occupied by the widow until her death in 1953. Soon, Queen Elizabeth II donated the mansion to the Government. So Marlborough House became the public center of London - it opened the center of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Secretariat is still in the mansion. In the 90s, Marlborough House was restored and given the status of a class I architectural monument. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Marlborough House, UK Resort London.Marlborough House, UK Resort London

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