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Spencer House in the UK, London Resort

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Spenesre House is an aristocratic mansion built by   in the mid-18th century in the St. James area, overlooking Green Park. The building was commissioned by the first Earl Spencer, who is the great-grandson of the Duke of Marlborough. Apart, the count wanted to demonstrate his status and strengthen his position in society. This determines the luxury with which the facade of the palace is created. It was designed by John Vardy, who was soon succeeded by the architect James Stewart, nicknamed “The Athenian.”

The building of the mansion is designed in the Hellenic style and is one of the first examples of neoclassicism popular at that time. Since the end of the 19th century, the Spencers, to whose family Princess Diana also belonged, have been renting the residence for public use. In the 20th century, restoration work was carried out in the palace and opened to the public. Now everyone can see the luxury of the palace from the inside, admire the marble statues, columns in the form of golden palms and numerous centaurs.

Spencer House is unique in that it is one of the few private palaces in England, accessible to the public. You can get into it only on group excursions, which gather every Sunday, with the exception of January and August. This tour will take about an hour.

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Topic: Spencer House in the UK, London Resort.Spencer House in the UK, London Resort

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