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St Bartholomew's Hospital in the UK, London resort

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Hospital of St. Bartholomew - one of the oldest hospital facilities city and even the whole world, which has retained its original geographical location. The attraction is rooted in the City, in the Smithfield area. The year of establishment of the institution is considered to be 1123, and the foundation of the building is even older - it appeared thanks to the Romans.

In the 18th century there was the hospital was reconstructed. J. Gibbs created the project of the main courtyard buildings, the embodiment of which can be observed today. In the 19th century, it was supplemented by fountain and garden. At the same time, an anatomical theater and open a medical college. At the end of the 19th century, the hospital already had about 700 hospital beds and served 6 thousand patients annually, which brought good income.

Hospital building is of cultural value. In the 18th century, the main staircase of the building is an artist William Hogarth decorated with impressive frescoes -"The Good Samaritan" and"Christ in the pool of Bethesda". They say that Hogarth worked for free because once heard that they were going to invite to work on the north wing Venetian master. This angered the artist, and he offered his services, to prove that English painters are no worse than Italians. By the way, Hogarth managed to achieve the desired effect - his canvases were recognized as successful, and the master himself received the position of hospital manager.

Outstanding work Hogarth are located near the main staircase at the main hall, get there from the hospital museum, which also deserves a separate word. Login to the museum is located on Giltspur Street, where the gate of Henry VIII built 18 century with the only statue of this ruler in the city, accessible to the inhabitants.

The Museum presents is a remarkable building, inside it there is an exposition telling about the history of the hospital of St. Bartholomew. The collection of the museum includes surgical devices used in the old days, pharmacist's tools, archives, dating from the Middle Ages, sculptures, drawings, watercolors on a medical theme and other art objects. Also here you can learn about the doctors of the hospital - William Harvey, who discovered the circulatory system in the 17th century, and famous surgeons - John Abernathy and Percival Potte. The pearl of the museum's collection is the document where the deed of transfer of the hospital to the City of London bears the original signature Henry VIII with the royal seal. The hospital museum can be visited free of charge in weekdays (except Monday) from 10 am to 4 pm.

Besides the historical values, hospital of st. Bartholomew distinguished himself by the fact that he is a cult place of fans of the works of the famous English writer, creator Sherlokians - Arthur Conan Doyle. According to the plot of his books, it is in this building the first meeting of Sherlock Holmes with Dr. Watson took place. This fact helped hospital to survive in the 90s, when they wanted to close him, then he received financial help from the Japanese Society of Sherlock Holmes. Additional hospital glory brought the shooting of the modern TV series"Sherlock", which used the building for your adaptation.

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Topic: St Bartholomew's Hospital in the UK, London resort.St Bartholomew's Hospital in the UK, London resort

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