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Royal Maritime Hospital UK, London Resort

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ImageThe Royal Maritime Hospital was built in London in 1694 at the suggestion of Queen Mary II. The hospital was dedicated to sailors in need of medical attention and to look after the veterans of the British Navy. The need for a hospital arose after the battle of the so-called War of the English Succession. The hospital occupied the territory of the southern bank of the Thames River in Greenwich for more than 170 years, and in 1869 it was closed. A few years later, the hospital was redesigned into the Naval College. The educational institution existed until 1998, today the hospital building is used by the University of Greenwich as a museum. The charitable functions of the former hospital have been preserved, and the modern Royal Charitable Society still provides assistance to sailors and their families. The head of this organization is the Minister of Defense as the sole confidant of the Crown. Greenwich Hospital is an impressive building. The architectural idea of its building belongs to the architect Ren, who was inspired by the hospital in Chelsea and the French"Home of the Invalids". The hospital is considered an outstanding work of a classicist architect. In 1997, UNESCO declared the building of the Royal Maritime Hospital as a World Heritage of Humanity. The architectural complex of the Royal Naval Hospital includes four buildings that form rectangular courtyards. Between the front buildings facing the river, there is a square. The square turns into wide steps, framed on both sides by domed buildings, the steps lead to the second square. The colonnades that adorn the square create a magnificent vista, which is crowned by the royal residence of Queens House by the architect Inigo Jones. As a significant architectural monument, the hospital is very popular with tourists. They can also visit some of the interior areas of the hospital. The Art Hall and the Chapel are open to guests. The art hall impresses with its ceiling painting; it is known that it took about 19 years to decorate it. An 18th century chapel dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. It is worth exploring the altar, decorated with a painting by the artist Benjamin West, which depicts a shipwreck with the participation of St. Paul. There is also a beautiful 18th century organ. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Royal Maritime Hospital UK, London Resort.Royal Maritime Hospital UK, London Resort

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