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Royal Hospital Chelsea UK, Resort London

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Royal Hospital in London was built in the late 17th century by order of Charles II. The architectural appearance of the building was entrusted to Christopher Ren, who in his project was equal to the Parisian House of Invalids.

This the attraction can be found in the Chelsea area near the Thames. The hospital has long ceased to function as a hospital, although the building had a separate hospital block that worked   from the 19th century. It was destroyed during the Second World War. The institution is now a home for the disabled, intended for servicemen of a solid age, for with no one to look after. Here you can meet military personnel of any rank - from private to field marshal. At the same time, the residents of the hospital are officially still are registered in the service, so they are paid a salary. This allows the Chelsea retirees"it is comfortable to meet even deep old age. They have others privileges, including a beautiful traditional uniform - a red camisole.

Number of guests hospital does not exceed three hundred. At the same time, there were no women among them until until 2009. Greenwich was equal to the Royal Hospital in Chelsea in this hospital for sailors.

The residents of the hospital are not forget about who became the founder of the invalid home. Reminds them of this gilded monument to Charles II, renovated on the 50th anniversary of his reign Queen Elizabeth II.

Large the artistic value of a building is considered to be its interiors, which are open for inspection tourists. There are excursions around the invalid home. In addition, here you can look into the National Army Museum, which has been included in the complex since 1960 hospital buildings. The museum is analogous to the Army Museum of the French House disabled people. Also on the territory of the hospital you can see a flower show, which has been held in Chelsea since the early 20th century.

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Topic: Royal Hospital Chelsea UK, Resort London.Royal Hospital Chelsea UK, Resort London

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