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Monument to Alexander II in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Monument to Alexander II - a monument to the Russian emperor in Helsinki. It is located in the center of Senate Square.

Alexander II went down in history as a large and decisive reformer. It was by his forces that serfdom was abolished in Russia in 1861. The emperor died as a result of a terrorist act by the People's Will party.

In Finland, Alexander II was respected and popularity. In 1863, he presented Finland with autonomy. Then this country received its own currency, a postage stamp, and the Finnish language received the status state.

Almost immediately after the death of the emperor, the Finns showed initiative and desire to erect a monument dedicated to him. Fundraising has begun. The Finns also received the highest permission from Alexander III. Sufficient amount for construction was assembled by 1884. Then a competition of projects was announced, in which was won by the sculptor Johannes Takanen. Second place went to the sculptor Wagner Magnus Runeberg. The commission invited them to join forces and jointly complete the project, but a year later Takanen died and Runeberg finished alone project.

The monument was inaugurated in 1894, on the birthday Alexander II. The emperor on the monument is depicted giving a speech about talent Finland's autonomy. The figure of the sovereign, 3.23 meters high, is surrounded by bronze sculptures"Law","Peace","Labor" and"Light" 2.3 meters high. All sculptural the composition is placed on a red granite pedestal. Total height of the monument is over 10.5 meters.

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Topic: Monument to Alexander II in Finland, Helsinki resort.Monument to Alexander II in Finland, Helsinki resort

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