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Hotel Dieu in France, Lyon resort

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The Hotel Dieu, later renamed the Central Hospital, is one of the main medieval buildings in Lyon. This building was erected in the XIII century, and served not as a hospital, but really as a hotel. Only the specificity of the hotel was that only priests and monks-pilgrims from other cities had the right to stay in it. A separate hall of the then hotel was used for meetings of the heads of the French dioceses.

1454 brought significant changes for the hotel. Dr. Martin Conr took over the leadership of the Lyon Doctors Association and turned the Hotel-Dieu into Lyon's main hospital. Medical knowledge at that time was actively developing, and leading European specialists began to be attracted to the hospital, which made the Lyon hospital the main medical institution in France, and one of the leading in Europe. Even then, Lyon occupied a serious position in international trade, so it was the visiting merchants who became the first patients of the erected clinic.

Less than a century passed, and the hospital was destined to become famous throughout Europe thanks to one of his doctors ... 1532 was the year of appointment to the Hospital Francois Rabelais – then still a Franciscan monk. It was within the walls of this institution that the epochal humanistic novel Gargantua and Pantagruel was written.

The Modern Hospital is a museum of the history of the development of medicine. Here, with incredible accuracy, the conditions of keeping patients, starting from the Middle Ages, are reproduced,

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Topic: Hotel Dieu in France, Lyon resort.Hotel Dieu in France, Lyon resort

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