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London Bridge in the UK, London resort

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Did you know that there is a bridge in London, on which luxury homes, artisan workshops, a water tower, water mills and even entire warehouses? This bridge is called London bridge, it reached to this day, but now has a much more ascetic look.

History London the bridge is nearly two thousand years old. In its first version, he appeared in this de place, where it stands now, even under the Romans. At the dawn of our era the bridge was a wooden structure subject to destruction by fires, storms and military incursions.

In the 13th century, a stone bridge appeared in its place. King John allowed to build houses, shops and other structures on it. To protect against gates were installed on it. To heighten the intimidation at the gate exposed the heads of the traitors. Among the traitors was destined to get the famous William Wallace and the equally famous Oliver Cromwell.

Until the 18th century, London Bridge was the only city bridge. By the way, that's why it got its name. Stone structure served 6 centuries and was decommissioned in the 19th century. Who came to him on the bridge had problems with the foundation, and was soon sold to an American the businessman who moved its parts to the USA, Arizona, and reconstructed in new look.

The modern London Bridge appeared quite recently - in the 70s years of the 20th century. Queen Elizabeth II herself took part in the opening of the bridge. The structure is actively used for its intended purpose, across the bridge to the opposite the banks of the Thames are crossed by cars and pedestrians.

According to history, left-hand traffic in England appeared precisely because of the old versions of London Bridge. It was introduced in the 18th century through a special decree and legally strengthened a long tradition - a horse-drawn carriage had to go on the left side of the carriageway, so that a passerby walking on sidewalk, the driver's whip did not hit.

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Topic: London Bridge in the UK, London resort.London Bridge in the UK, London resort

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