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Waterloo Bridge, London Resort, UK

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Waterloo Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in London. Represents is a structure that connects the banks of the Thames, and with them - the Lambeth and Westminster.

Landmark, glorified by the once popular the film"Waterloo Bridge", was built in the early 19th century. The construction of the bridge was timed to coincide with the second anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, where British troops defeated Napoleon. Designed by architect John Rennie the bridge stood on nine arches of Cornish granite. The building was decorated Doric columns. The appearance of the bridge was approved by both specialists and common people. During a visit to the capital of England, admired the beautiful bridge Russian Emperor Alexander I. Waterloo Bridge inspired creativity artists Claude Monet and John Constable.

Initially, the crossing of the new building was paid. Most people preferred to cross the river for free elsewhere. it made the bridge a relatively uncrowded place, which was convenient for both romantic encounters and for committing suicide. Despite this circumstance, Waterloo Bridge soon became a symbol of London. However over time, the piers of the granite ferry began to be destroyed. IN At the beginning of the 20th century, it was decided to build a new bridge.

The old building was demolished in the forties. New project The bridge was provided by the architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. Although the war began, construction was not interrupted. There was not enough male power, therefore the construction of the bridge fell on women's shoulders. For this reason, the new Waterloo Bridge sometimes called female.

Externally, the modern Waterloo Bridge resembles London Bridge. However, unlike him, it has four supports and looks much lighter and airier. The design of the crossing is simple and discreet. The bridge is made of gray portland stone, making it stand out from some of the colorful London bridges. The elegant beamed spans resemble spacious arches, making the space under the structure is more spacious and lighter.

The Waterloo Bridge is located between the Hungerfold and Blackfriars. Walking along it you can see a magnificent panorama. The thing is the fact that the bridge was built at the place where the Thames makes a rather sharp bend. It allows you to enjoy the spectacle of Westminster, South Bank, Canary Worf and the City.

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Topic: Waterloo Bridge, London Resort, UK.Waterloo Bridge, London Resort, UK

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