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Notre Dame Bridge in France, Paris resort

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The oldest bridge in Paris is located in the place where the first bridge over the Seine was built by the Romans in ancient times.

During the wars with the Normans, the entire In the 9th and 10th centuries, there was a narrow wooden bridge here, destroyed more than once.

In the 1400s, Charles VI ordered to build a new, wide wooden bridge with houses on it. This bridge stood only a few months and collapsed from the weight of the buildings on it.

Only 100 years later, in 1507, a new bridge was built using improved technology, which allowed it to stand a whole century. It was improved and strengthened already during the reign of Louis XIV, and in honor of the sun king it was also expanded. The houses built there began to be used both as residential and as trade shops.

In 1786, by order of the king, all the buildings from the bridge were removed, and 80 years later, the bridge was dismantled and in its place, a completely new, fortified bridge of four arches was erected.

The barges passing under this bridge constantly collided with it, therefore the French merchants called the Notre Dame Bridge the Devil. To avoid further collisions, the two central arches were removed and replaced with a reinforced steel structure.

The last restoration of the bridge took place in 1919, and after the works, the bridge was inaugurated by President Poincare.  


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Topic: Notre Dame Bridge in France, Paris resort.Notre Dame Bridge in France, Paris resort

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