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Old Pinakothek in Germany, Munich resort

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Old Pinakothek – Munich art gallery, one of the most famous galleries in the world. The gallery displays works by masters from the Middle Ages to the middle of the 18th century. Opposite the building of the Old Pinakothek, there is the New Pinakothek, which houses the works of artists of the XIX-XX centuries. In Munich there is also a third Pinakothek – The Pinakothek of Modernity, where art of the 20th and 21st centuries is presented.

The history of the Pinakothek begins with paintings on historical themes, commissioned by Wilhelm IV from the best German masters of the time: Altdorfer, Beham, Feselen, Burgkmair, Breuja. The Battle of Alexander the Great with Tsar Darius, performed by Altdorfer in 1529 and is now considered an outstanding masterpiece, the first to get into the famous collection of the Pinakothek. Wilhelm IV acquired from Maximilian I and the works of Albrecht Durer. Maximilian II, while he was a stadtholder of the Spanish Netherlands, bought many works by Dutch and Flemish masters. With the unification of Bavaria and the Palatinate, the collection of the Old Pinakothek was replenished with works from the galleries of Dusseldorf, Mannheim and Zweibruecken, which were preserved from the French troops. Ludwig I also acquired many works of art. These works were located in palaces and were not accessible to ordinary people. Ludwig I systematized his collection and ordered Leo von Klenze to build a building for a museum. The first stone was laid in 1826, and a decade later the construction was completed. The entrance to the museum was free on Sundays, but most Munich residents initially preferred to visit the museum lawn. During the Second World War, the Old Pinakothek was badly destroyed, but was soon rebuilt – in 1952-1957.

In 1988, an unpleasant incident occurred – Many of Durer's works were damaged by acid, which was splashed on them by a mentally ill, the paintings had to be restored for a long time.

About 700 paintings are presented in 19 rooms and 49 rooms of the museum. A distinctive feature of the Old Pinakothek is that there are no sculptures, graphics or objects of applied art, or antique furniture among the exhibits. There are only paintings here. The halls of the Old Pinakothek are cleaned quite austerely, but this is appropriate: nothing distracts from the works of art,

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Topic: Old Pinakothek in Germany, Munich resort.Old Pinakothek in Germany, Munich resort

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