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New Pinakothek in Germany, Munich resort

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New Pinakothek – Munich art gallery, which displays works of painting and sculpture. Opposite is the Old Pinakothek, which houses works by masters from the Middle Ages to the middle of the 18th century. There is also the Pinakothek of Modernity, where art objects of the XX-XXI centuries are presented.

The gallery was founded in 1853 by Ludwig I, King of Bavaria, who wanted to open his collection to the public.

Initially, most of the exposition consisted of works by German romantics and the Munich school of painting. The emphasis was on the works of South German artists. While building the museum, the king followed his dynastic ambitions - in the main hall of the New Pinakothek, heroized landscapes of Greece were exhibited, where Ludwig's son Otto I the Greek ruled. The collection grew after the death of Ludwig. The selection of canvases, however, was carried out according to the same criteria. The situation changed only in 1909, when the `` donations of Chudi '' began, named after Hugo von Chudi, the general director of the Munich State Painting Assembly, who appreciated the then not very popular French artists. Thanks to his efforts, an extensive collection of Impressionist canvases appeared in the New Pinakothek.

The collection of the New Pinakothek is expanding today at the expense of patrons.

The building constructed according to the project Friedrich von Gertner and August von Voith, during the Second World War it was completely destroyed, and soon demolished. The collection from the New Pinakothek was housed in the House of Art. By 1981, a new postmodern building, designed by the architect A. von Branchi, was opened. The sandstone-faced building with bay windows and semicircular arches of windows was controversial, but its halls with excellent overhead lighting were approved.

The New Pinakothek collection includes more than 3000 paintings and 300 sculptures. the permanent exhibition of the New Pinakothek includes more than 400 works of art. Among them are the works of the Spaniards Francisco Goya, Angelica Kaufmann, Jacques Louis David,   the Englishmen Thomas Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Lawrence, George Romney, Henry Raeburn, John Constable and William Turner,

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Topic: New Pinakothek in Germany, Munich resort.New Pinakothek in Germany, Munich resort

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