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Langinkoski royal cottage in Finland, Kotka resort

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Tsar's cottage Langinkoski - Finnish manor for summer recreation of the royal family, built in a conservation area on the Langinkoski River in 1889 year Alexander III. The estate is located in a picturesque park with a chapel, built at the beginning of the 19th century by the monks of the Valaam Monastery.

Langinkoski's history is closely related to Russian history, especially during the reign of Emperor Alexander III. The territory where it was the estate was built, became part of the Russian Empire after the Russian-Swedish wars 1741-1743 In the summer of 1880, Tsarevich Alexander Alexandrovich visited Langinkoski and was fascinated by the extraordinary nature of this region. In a few years, as emperor, he returned Langinkoski. His wife, Maria Fedorovna, also could not resist the beauty of these places. So soon the imperial couple acquired land here and began construction. Emperor repeatedly came with his wife and children and watched the progress of work. In the summer of 1889 years, Emperor Alexander III with his family solemnly arrived in Kotka, in his "Fishing house".

The Fisherman's House is a chopped pine log two-storey house with a veranda. On the first floor of the house is the office of the emperor, living room, hall and kitchen. The bedrooms are located on the second floor. Cottage furniture the house of the royal family was made of birch in Finnish factories. The whole home textiles were produced in Tampere. Porcelain tableware standing and today on the shelves of the sideboard, was manufactured at the plant of the Finnish company Arabia. The most notable objects are the Emperor's own saw and ax. Alexander III, hanging on the wall of the kitchen hallway.

In Langinkoski, the royal couple lived like ordinary summer residents or peasants. The emperor collected firewood, carried water, hewed the steps in stone from which he fished in the Kymijoki River. The Empress cooked for the whole family, but did not like to wash the dishes, so this part of the work was done the servants, who were here enough.

Two years after the death of Emperor Alexander III residents of Kotka and Kymi in Langinkoski installed a memorial plaque in his honour. Nicholas II and his family visited the Tsar's dacha only once, about which evidenced by an entry in the guest book. During the First World War in Langinkoski was a home for recovering wounded soldiers. Since 1917 the cottage in Langinkoski belongs to the state. The house, which began to decay, was it was decided to create a museum, and the entire territory of the cottage received the status of a reserve.
Today at Langinkoski only recreational fishing is allowed. In 1896 this a 36-kilogram salmon was caught in the area, a dummy of which is in the museum the royal dacha. ImageImageImageImageImage

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