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Kenkavero Manor Museum in Finland, Mikkeli Resort

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Kenkavero Manor Museum - the house-museum of the parish priest in Mikkeli town on the picturesque shore of the lake.

The first priest's house was built on this site back in the XV century. Since olden times, clergy estates have been considered the centers of parish life and closely interacted with the people around them. The priests provided significant influence on the spiritual culture and financial situation of local residents.

Over the 5-century history, Kenkavero Manor has experienced both ups and falling. In 1988, after a long period of stagnation and decline in the estate, urban the authorities, who received it into ownership, began large-scale restoration work.

Today, the estate museum hosts various craft and art exhibitions. There is a restaurant on the territory of the estate, where local delicacies are offered, and in the gift shop you can buy amazing original things created by local craftsmen. Besides in addition, in the vicinity of the estate, on the picturesque bank of the Saimaa River, you can find Christmas or New Year and get an extraordinary experience: the atmosphere fairy tales, unusual festive dinner, Russian theater for children, giving gifts Santa Claus, a workshop for New Year's crafts and many other entertainment and pleasant little things will make the New Year holidays unforgettable.

In the summer months, many flowers bloom in the large garden of the estate various plants and flowers - more than five hundred species. Entrance to the picturesque garden free.
Museum-estate interesting and attractive not only from a cognitive point of view, but also from aesthetic point of view: the picturesque nature of the surroundings is pleasing to the eye and pacifies. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Kenkavero Manor Museum in Finland, Mikkeli Resort.Kenkavero Manor Museum in Finland, Mikkeli Resort

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