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Information about Kotka in Finland

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Kotka began to be built in 1791 as a port and a Russian an outpost that was supposed to protect the borders of the Russian Empire from the Swedish parts of Finland. Construction, carried out under the personal supervision of Catherine II, ended in 1879, and the founded city became known as Rochensalm. After the conquest by the Russians Finland no longer needed a fortress, and in the same place the city of Kotka arose, which soon became a large center of the woodworking industry.

Along the Kumijoki River, at the mouth of which the city is located, timber was rafted from the central part of the country for further processing and export. Kotka to this day remains one of the largest ports in Finland and a center for export and sea transportation, the range of which, however, is currently much more extensive than in times of the founding of the city. While in Kotka, you should definitely visit some local attractions.

The most famous attraction in Kotka is the Imperial Fisherman's Lodge, once built especially for Alexander III. Back in 1880, a distinguished guest visited a village located 6 km from Kotka and watched trout fishing. The future emperor was so struck by the beauty of the surrounding landscape that he promised to definitely come here in the future and fulfilled his promise already being the head of the Russian Empire. The house, or rather a two-story hut, today is a working museum. Not only the structure itself is perfectly preserved, but also furniture, and household items. Living room, wardrobe, kitchen and bedroom from the past century have changed little and are of undoubted interest, both for historians and for ordinary tourists.


The pride of the inhabitants of Kotka is the maritime Museum Maretarium, consisting of 22 aquariums, the largest of which is 7 meters deep. IN The Maretarium is home to more than 50 species of fish, as well as rare specimens of mollusks, snakes, lizards and frogs.

Maritime Center Vellamo opened relatively recently, in 2008, and is a very unusual institution. Beyond expositions and exhibitions that tell a story shipbuilding and navigation in this area, the museum has its own a restaurant, several cafes and even a pier where an icebreaker is moored Tarmo, built in 1907 and one of the oldest icebreakers in the world.

Fans of architectural landmarks should visit the main church of Kotka, located at Kirkokatu 26. The church was built at the very end of 19 century by the architect Stenback: a majestic red brick building, executed in the neo-gothic style, immediately catches the eye and amazes imagination with its beauty. The interior of the temple is distinguished by skillfully made stained glass windows and wood carving, in addition, it is worth paying attention to the altarpiece, written by renowned master Pekka Halonen as well as on the famous organ by Martti Portana.

Isopuisto Park was famous as a recreation area in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In the center of the park there is an old church surrounded by a lush garden. The most common the plant in the territory of Isopuisto is a tulip that grows here everywhere. In summer, the scent of flowers and the beauty of the landscape attract many tourists wishing to stroll along quiet alleys or gaze at rare species plants.

Orthodox Church St. Nicholas was erected in Kotka at the end of the 18th century and to this day is one of the religious symbols of the city. Unusual is how the architectural style of the temple, as well as its interior decoration. Main shrine, annually attracting pilgrims to the church - the icon of St. Nicholas.

Sibelius Park - the national Finnish composer - appeared in Kotka in the 30s of the 20th century. The site was designed by renowned architect and designer Paula Olsson, and the park itself was to become the city's main recreation site. Now Sibelius Park is perhaps the best place for a relaxing pastime. Original sculptures, fountains, benches, playgrounds, and, of course, many trees and flowers will create the atmosphere necessary for relaxation.

A recognizable landmark of Kotka is the old brewery, built in 1894 year by Alvin Jacobi. The beer produced at the plant was called"Ukko" and possessed excellent taste, and in terms of production volumes, the plant reached fifth place in Finland. Since then, the building has housed a perfume factory, soft drink factory, sausage factory and even carpentry workshop. In the middle of the 20th century in a historically significant building there were many shops and shops, and in 1990 the city of Kotka bought the former factory, after which the building was recognized as an important historical one, architectural and landscape monument. Now the brewery has been restored and is under protection, and on its territory various solemn activity. Part of the building is occupied by a restaurant.


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