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Church of the Frauenkirche in Germany, spa Dresden

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Church of Our Lady in Dresden ( Frauenkirche) was built in 1472-1539. By the beginning of the 17th century, the building of the church was badly dilapidated, and for security reasons, the bells had to be removed from it. The new temple was built according to the project of Georg Baer in 1726-1743. The 95-meter-high structure was designed for 3,500 places. The church was   crowned with   high dome, which became the dominant feature of the famous panorama of Dresden. This church was considered the largest Protestant church in Europe.   The Frauenkirche had an elegant look and rich interior decoration.

On February 13, 1945, a terrible bombing hit Dresden. The Church of Our Lady shared the fate of many buildings in the city: only fragments remained of the building. For a long time after the war, there was a discussion about – rebuild a church or 'preserve' its ruins as a reminder of terrible times.

In 1988, in the year 250 – anniversary of the death of Georg Baer, author of the project   Frauenkirche,   eight natives of Dresden organized a movement to restore the church `` Action – Frauenkirche. '' Approximately 16 German civil associations were involved in fundraising for the construction of the new building. It is estimated that the amount required for the restoration of the church will be 130 million euros. The city budget allocated 13 million for this, the rest of the funds were collected   from voluntary donations.   Various methods were used to attract them. & The Dresden Bank, for example, has issued for sale about 40 thousand sponsorship letters in gold, silver and bronze at the price of 1,250,750 and 250 euros. Back in Dresden, wristwatches with a tiny stone of a destroyed church mounted in the dial were sold.

The church was recreated according to the old project. All the surviving fragments were used to the maximum. In the architecture of Frauenkirche, it is easy to recognize the historical material (it is darker in color) and new light stones. This method of work has been called `` archaeological reconstruction. ''   Unlike the old project with four bells, eight were made in the new temple.

Rebuilt   Frauenkirche   is used not only as a place for worship of the Catholic Church, but also as a concert hall. Today the Frauenkirche church once again adorns the architecture of the Saxon capital and attracts a large number of people who want to hear the singing and music, as well as admire the beauty of the Dresden Church of Our Lady.


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Topic: Church of the Frauenkirche in Germany, spa Dresden.Church of the Frauenkirche in Germany, spa Dresden

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