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Schwebebahn Dresden in Germany, resort of Dresden

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One of the oldest suspension railways in the world is   Schwebebahn Dresden – Dresden cable car. In 1901 it became necessary to connect the districts of Oberloschwitz and Loschwitz. To resolve this issue, not far from the famous   Blue Wonder   (the Blue Miracle bridge) designed a modern engineering structure for that time - – suspension railway.

Line   with two trailers 274 meters long, mounted on 33 poles, is still one of the types of public   transport in Dresden. The cars are attached to each other by a cable, which is driven by an electric motor. The cars are moving along the road at a speed of 2. 5 meters per second.

The Dresden cable car miraculously did not suffer during the Great Patriotic War.

Moving along Blue Wonder   is very pleasant, as its path leads through a picturesque area. Inside the upper station, there is a small exhibition of old photographs and several models telling about the history of this   road and others like it   in other cities of the world. Another nice feature of   Schwebebahn Dresden   is that from the upper station, right in the palm of your hand, a panoramic view of the whole of Dresden opens.

The Schwebebahn Dresden road is located far from the city center, from   numerous tourist routes. It is always calm and quiet here. This place is especially popular with lovers of panoramic views and a peaceful environment. Also, the technical uniqueness of this ancient engineering structure always calls for genuine interest in the Dresden Suspended Railway.


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Topic: Schwebebahn Dresden in Germany, resort of Dresden.Schwebebahn Dresden in Germany, resort of Dresden

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