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Botanical Garden (Botanischer Garten Dresden) in Germany, Dresden spa

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For several centuries at the Dresden University of Technology   there is a Botanical Garden –   Botanischer Garten Dresden. This garden was created in 1820 by German-born botanist Heinrich Reichenbach. This scientist was its first director and headed the Botanical Garden until his death (1879). In 1889, by the efforts of Professor Oskar Drude   Botanischer Garten Dresden was open to visitors. K   1922   grew in the garden   7800 varieties and species of plants. Unfortunately, as a result of hostilities in 1945   The Dresden Botanical Garden was badly damaged. Four years after the war, it was transferred to the jurisdiction of the city technical university, repaired and made available again   for visitors.

Today, the Dresden Botanical Garden has a collection of 10 thousand plants. Among them there are the rarest plant species, among which, for example, there are samples of the wild vegetation of Saxony and Thuringia.

Botanischer Garten Dresden is equipped in such a way as to present the flora of the geographic zones of the Earth to visitors. The departments of plants are made in it – such as Asia or North America. In total in the Botanical Garden of Dresden   5 large greenhouses with a total area of 1000 square kilometers were laid out. About 3 thousand plants grow in them. The water greenhouse is filled with plants from tropical America. Large tropical greenhouse contains specimens of flora from Africa and Asia. The succulent greenhouse is home to numerous species of orchids, cacti and succulent plants, as well as predatory plants. The pride of the collection are willow oak, corydalis, magnolia and witch hazel. Alpine plants of Europe can be admired in the beautifully landscaped alpine garden. The Dutch carnation, saxifrage, gentian and many other rare species are planted there.

The Botanischer Garten Dresden area is a garden and a park at the same time. At any time of the year, you can enjoy a riot of diverse flora and travel around   vegetable zones of our planet.   At the Botanischer Garten Dresden you can relax your mind and body. Located at St & uuml; belallee 2,   Dresden Botanical Garden   open to visitors daily.


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Topic: Botanical Garden (Botanischer Garten Dresden) in Germany, Dresden spa.Botanical Garden (Botanischer Garten Dresden) in Germany, Dresden spa

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