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Karl-Marx-Allee in Germany, health resort Berlin

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Karl-Marx-alley – famous street in Berlin. It is notable for the monumental residential buildings built in the 1950s in the style of socialist classicism.

In the summer of 1953, Karl-Marx-Allee found itself in the center of the Berlin crisis: due to higher labor standards, workers, employed in the construction of new buildings, went on strike. The protests quickly spread throughout the city and throughout the GDR.

The houses built along the street were particularly sophisticated: the facades of these high-rise buildings were made in the style of Berlin classicism and decorated with antique elements (Doric or Ionic orders, decorative pediments with architraves and friezes). At the western end of the street there are 13-storey buildings in the American Art Deco style, similar to city gates, at the eastern end -   Frankfurter Tor square, on which two towers rise, created by Hermann Hanselmann, modeled on the towers of the German and French cathedrals of Gontard on the Gendarmenmarkt. The funds did not allow the construction of 'palaces for workers' along the entire street, so the usual ten-story panel buildings with spacious courtyards appeared here.

After 1990, the buildings on Karl-Marx-Alley were bought out by investors who carried out quite costly restoration work. Houses in this part of town are in high demand today.


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Topic: Karl-Marx-Allee in Germany, health resort Berlin.Karl-Marx-Allee in Germany, health resort Berlin

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