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Europe Center in Germany, Berlin resort

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Europe-Center – an architectural complex located at Breitscheidplatz in Charlottenburg. It has become a symbol of West Berlin along with the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Earlier, on the site of the complex, a Romanesque cafe was opened, which became a meeting place for artists, writers, theater workers. During the Second World War, the building of the cafe was destroyed to the ground, after the war it remained in this form for several decades. This place was not used and therefore did not rush to restore the building.

However, with the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, everything changed. It was necessary to emphasize the strength and vitality of the inhabitants of West Berlin and, in connection with this task, construction was planned on the Breitscheidplatz square. Investor Karl Heinz Pepper, Professor Helmut Gentrich, engineer Hubert Pechnigg, architect Egon Eiermann participated in the development of the project. They created a project for an office and shopping center based on the American model. Construction began in 1963. Two years later, `` Europe-Center '' was inaugurated.

The complex of various buildings occupies a total area of 80 thousand square meters. The highest among them reaches 86 meters in height. It is famous in Berlin because it was the first high-rise building of its kind in the city. Today, the complex has about a hundred gastronomic and trade enterprises.


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Topic: Europe Center in Germany, Berlin resort.Europe Center in Germany, Berlin resort

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