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Karl-Marx-Hof in Austria, Vienna spa

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Karl-Marx-Hof is the longest house in the world. Its length is just over one kilometer. This house is a municipal residential building. It is located in the 19th district of Vienna.

Earlier on the site of the Karl-Marx-Hof there was a reservoir that was drained in order to create gardens. And in 1930, by order of the Austrian Socialist Party, this unique house was built on the site of the gardens by the architect Karl Ehn. The house was designed for families with a low income. It consists of buildings adjacent to each other. The area of the apartments is about 60 square meters, and about 5 thousand residents live in it.

During the February uprising in 1934, Karl-Marx-Hof was an important stronghold. It was taken by the government troops on the second day of fighting with the use of artillery.

The Karl-Marx-Hof House has another name - Proletariat Ring Street. It is a landmark of the city and is included in many excursion programs.


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Topic: Karl-Marx-Hof in Austria, Vienna spa.Karl-Marx-Hof in Austria, Vienna spa

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