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Oberbaumbrucke bridge in Germany, Berlin resort

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Oberbaumbrucke Bridge – bridge in Berlin, which is the symbol of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. Initially, there was a customs office on the first wooden bridge. The river was therefore blocked off with piles. At night, this narrow passage was blocked by a large wooden post covered with iron nails. The pillar was called the Big Tree.

The modern neo-Gothic style bridge was erected at the end of the 19th century by Otto Stahn. Towers with a height of about 35 meters rise on the bridge. They, as the architect intended, remind of the historical role of the bridge.

The two-level bridge, on the upper level of which the metro line runs, was seriously damaged during the Second World War. and in April 1945 it was blown up in connection with an order from Hitler. The destruction of the bridge was supposed to stop the advance of the Soviet army towards Berlin. After the construction of the Berlin Wall, the bridge was hastily rebuilt and closed. In 1963, a pedestrian checkpoint was opened on it. The complete restoration of the bridge was carried out only after the unification of Berlin. Its central part has been replaced. In 1995, traffic was opened.


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Topic: Oberbaumbrucke bridge in Germany, Berlin resort.Oberbaumbrucke bridge in Germany, Berlin resort

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