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Alderney Lighthouse in the UK

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ImageThis lighthouse is located on the northeastern edge of the British island of Alderney, not far from Fort Les Omo Floren, located on the same island. The need to build a lighthouse here was caused by an extremely strong sea current, because of which ships passing by often wrecked, bumping into nearby reefs. The lighthouse was built in 1912 by a local resident named William Baronham. Construction costs amounted to about 22 thousand pounds. The total height of Alderney Lighthouse is 32 meters, and its lamp, which hangs 37 meters above sea level, illuminates the way for ships for 23 miles. The lighthouse was electrified in 1976, and it was switched to automatic mode by 1997. Since then, lighthouse keepers have not been required. However, the lens of the lamp, despite its 100-year age, functions to this day, sending 4 light signals every 15 seconds. Tours to the lighthouse are organized by locals En and John Beeman. Tourists are taken to it by train to the quarry or by car along the seashore.

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Topic: Alderney Lighthouse in the UK.Alderney Lighthouse in the UK

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