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Broadway Tower in Great Britain

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ImageBroadway Tower is a very unusual, noticeable from afar building, built on the hill of the same name near the city of Broadway in the British county of Worcestershire. According to rumors, from the top of this tower, in especially cloudless weather, you can see parts of the territories of as many as 13 English counties. At the same time, the height of the tower itself is small - only 17 meters. But it stands at an altitude of as much as 312 meters above sea level. The tower is a kind of architectural whim of James Wyeth, who was a rather famous architect at the time. So, he created Beaver Castle and Fonthill Abbey. The tower is made in the Gothic style and became perhaps the most famous brainchild of Wyeth. The construction of this unusual building dates back to 1797. During its existence, it housed the seal of the famous antiquarian and collector Thomas Phillips, the artist William Morris rested here, and the archaeologist Arthur Evans worked here. Today the tower is open to tourists. It is of interest both as a historical and architectural monument.

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Topic: Broadway Tower in Great Britain.Broadway Tower in Great Britain

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