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Halton Castle in the UK

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ImageHalton is a medieval castle located in the Cheshire village of the same name, which is part of the city of Runcorn. The castle sits at the top of Halton Hill, offering views of the entire village. Despite the fact that only ruins remain of the castle, it is a valuable historical monument and is even included in the English Heritage List. Very little is known about the castle itself, as there are too few facts that would prove some historical events. It is believed that the first settlement on the site of Halton dates back to prehistoric times. The castle itself was founded around the beginning of the 11th century, but the exact date is unknown. A century later, wooden buildings were replaced by stone, and it is believed that John Gaunt did it. The first records of the castle confirm that it was rebuilt in the 15th-16th centuries. In 1457 a new tower appeared here. Under the Tudors, the castle was used as a court or prison, and in 1581 Catholics were kept here, opposing the Anglican Church. It is believed that in 1207 John Landless stayed in Halton. Edward II also visited it, and during the Civil War there was a garrison of royalists with Walter Primrose at its head for some time. The castle, however, was captured by supporters of the Parliament, who soon left it. In 1644, the castle was again besieged, and again the forces of Parliament, led by William Brereton, gained the upper hand. In 1646, a garrison was withdrawn from Halton. By 1650, the castle was half destroyed, as it did not perform protective functions and was not restored. In 1728 the castle was leased from the King by George Holmondely. In 1737, a new courthouse was built in the castle, on the ground floor of which there was a courtroom and a prison in the basement. The court functioned until the 20th century. In the 1880s, three new walls were added to the castle, making it look somewhat better. One wall was demolished in 1906. In the period from 1837 to 1901, a huge garden appeared in the castle. Today the castle is run by the council of the Norton Convent Museum. Sometimes it is opened to the public, and soon it is planned to open a museum in the castle. Despite the fact that the walls of Halton are very poorly preserved, its internal structures are in fairly good condition.

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Topic: Halton Castle in the UK.Halton Castle in the UK

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