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Tattershell Castle in Great Britain

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ImageAt the very beginning of the 13th century, Robert de Teitscheil built the first stone castle in Tatterschel. Of course, almost nothing has remained from this first castle to this day - the modern building was erected in the 15th century. It is said that over a million bricks were used to construct the castle buildings. The castle was once protected by an outer wall and ditches, but the ditches were buried in the 20th century, and the wall was almost completely destroyed. The main tower of the castle is a red brick rectangular building with a height of about 30 meters, walls 4.5 meters thick and hexagonal towers. Outwardly, it looks like a defensive tower of the 12th century, although it was the country estate of Lord Cromwell. Large windows were made in the walls of the building, which made the castle highly vulnerable to an attack by enemies, but Tattershel escaped capture and siege. Below there are three entrances to the castle. The main room of the castle, intended for official receptions, is located on the second floor. This room has a huge Gothic style fireplace. The third floor is occupied by a dressing room and an audience room, while the fourth floor houses the apartments of the owners of the castle. On the roof of the castle there is a gallery from which you can explore the surroundings around the castle for miles around. Under the castle is a vaulted cellar, which was supposedly used as a dungeon. In the 15th century, the castle went to the third Baron of Cromwell, Ralph, who began its large-scale restoration. It was he who built the residential tower, which is a very striking example of an early brick castle. After some time, the royal family took over the castle. During the civil war, the castle was not involved in active hostilities, but for some reason it was not given due attention, and Tattershel gradually began to fall into disrepair - for some time the castle was even used by a nearby cattle farm. In the 20th century, the castle was acquired by an American syndicate who wanted to use it as a building material. However, when the castle fireplaces were sold, the public was outraged, and in 1911 Lord Curzon bought Tattershall, as well as the fireplaces that were successfully returned back to the castle. Also, the lord was engaged in the restoration of the castle, returning it to its former greatness - he restored the tower, replaced the windows and floors, and also reconstructed the battlements of the upper platform. In 1914, the castle was opened to the general public. And after Curzon's death in 1925, the castle became the property of the National Trust.

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Topic: Tattershell Castle in Great Britain.Tattershell Castle in Great Britain

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