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Warwick Castle in Great Britain

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ImageWarwick Castle, or Warwick, is a living example of a classic medieval castle. It is located on the coast of the Avon River, which bends around the castle from the east. Warwick is ranked first among other monuments and historic sites in the UK. The Norman castle appeared on this place as early as 1088, although before that Anglo-Saxon fortifications were already located here. For several centuries, the castle was the main residence of the Earls of Warwick. For a long time it was used for defensive purposes, and only in the 17th century the castle became a country residence. Like other Norman castles, Warwick was rebuilt and changed many times during its existence. It was originally built of wood and earth, but in the 12th century it was completely destroyed, and the wooden fortification gave way to a stone fortress. During the Hundred Years War, the side of the castle facing the city was rebuilt. It is in this form that the castle has survived to this day. The entrance to the castle is located under the gate dungeon (there is even a lowering lattice here). Almost all living quarters are located at the eastern wall, which overlooks the river - this place is maximally protected not only by thick walls, but also by water. After the reconstruction of the 17th century, a collection of art and furniture appeared in the castle. The castle has many interesting sights. The English Gardens, founded in 1534, have survived to this day. And in 1743 the Castle Park appeared, located slightly south of Warwick. In 1757, the area around the castle was once again ennobled. In 2005, the largest medieval siege machine was brought to the castle. This trebuchet is 18 meters high and weighs approximately 22 tons. A team of eight will recharge it for about an hour. In 2006, a 13 kilogram stone was sent by this trebuchet over a distance of almost 250 meters. Of course, many different mystical stories are associated with the Warwick castles. It is said that the spirit of Fulk Greville often visits the Castle Tower. Fulk himself, by the way, was killed in Holbron, so it is not clear what he is doing in Warwick. And the Gate Tower is also known as the Ghost Tower, as the"Warwick Living Ghosts" live here almost all year - a theatrical performance telling about the murder of Fulk. The show uses a variety of visual, sound and light effects. In 2006, Warwick was featured on the acclaimed ghost TV show Most Haunted. The program thoroughly explored the Ghost Tower, Caesar's Tower and Kenilworth's bedroom. It is rumored about the bedroom that the ghost of Frances Evelyn"Daisy" Greville, Countess of Warwick can be seen there.

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