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ImageEly Cathedral is a large cathedral located in the city of the same name (another name is Cambridgeshire). The cathedral is the center of the diocese of the same name and the seat of the bishop of Ili. Various parts of the cathedral were built for a very long time, almost three centuries, from 1083 to 1375. Even before the start of construction, an old church was located on the site of the present cathedral, which was founded by Saint Etheldreda in the 7th century. There was also a monastery around the church, destroyed by the Vikings during one of their campaigns in the 9th century. Cathedral Or the local Abbot Simeon began to build. However, the relics of the old Anglo-Saxon church were not destroyed, they were carefully transferred to the cathedral. The oldest part of the new building is the central tower that rises upward; the tower on the west side was added already in 1174-1197. Both towers are made in the Romanesque architectural style. Elements of the cathedral that appeared later, for example, the chapel of 1321-1349 on the north side, were built in the spirit of the early English Gothic. The new northern gate of the cathedral, which was designed in the 1650s, also had a Gothic style. nephew of the bishop of the cathedral Christopher Wren. The total length of Ely Cathedral is 163 meters, its nave is the longest in Great Britain and is 75 meters.In the central part of the cathedral, an octagonal lighting tower was installed, whose height is 52 meters. During the Reformation, when King Henry VIII closed many English monasteries, Or suffered surprisingly little. Only the statues of the chapel and the tomb of Etheldreda were destroyed. By 1541, all this was restored.

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