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Trier Cathedral in Germany, resort of Trier

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St. Peter's Basilica in Trier is the oldest cathedral in Germany, as well as the seat of the city bishop.

The construction of the cathedral was started in the 320s by decree of Emperor Constantine. Construction work was carried out under the direction of Maximilian, Bishop of Trier. In 882, the cathedral was practically destroyed by the Normans, but soon a number of restoration works were carried out here, during which the building acquired the Romanesque style. Construction work was not fully completed until 1196.

During the Second World War, the cathedral was badly damaged. Reconstruction works were carried out in the building in 1960-1974.

Initially, the interior of the cathedral was rather gloomy, generally corresponding to the Romanesque style. In the 18th century, the local clergy decided to add baroque elements to the interior. A new altar was created, magnificently decorated with carvings, as well as an altar barrier covered with reliefs. In the years 1891-1910, new details also appeared in the interior decoration. In 1974, an organ was installed in the cathedral.

In our time, the Cathedral of Trier – repository of Christian shrines, where the relics of saints Andrew the First-Called, Saint Helena, Apostle Paul, righteous Anna and Godfather Joachim are located. Several bishops of Trier were also buried here.

Since 1986, the cathedral has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Topic: Trier Cathedral in Germany, resort of Trier.Trier Cathedral in Germany, resort of Trier

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