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Leicester Abbey in Great Britain

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ImageThe full name of this landmark is St. Mary's Abbey in Leicester. This is a monastery built in the Middle Ages, located in Leicestershire, among the meadows on the west bank of the Soar River. Today, instead of the abbey, only ruins remain, which are part of the large Abbey Park (opened in 1882) in the Victorian style. The merit in the creation of the monastery in 1143 belongs to the aristocrat and Earl of Leicester Robert de Beaumont, who received these lands from his father, one of the richest people of his time. The abbey was originally conceived by the Augustinian community. Before his death, the Creator himself became a monk and was buried in his own abbey. The monastery existed until the end of the 20s of the 16th century, when the massive closings of monasteries began by King Henry VIII. The abbey finally ceased its work in 1538. The buildings were almost completely destroyed, but the land on which they stood changed several more owners. One of them was Cavendish, whose house has survived to this day. Since 1931, this territory, together with the remains of the abbey, has officially received the status of a monument. Tourists are attracted by the picturesque and somewhat melancholy view, as well as the fact that Leicester Abbey is mentioned in the works of some classics of literature, for example, James Joyce.

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Topic: Leicester Abbey in Great Britain.Leicester Abbey in Great Britain

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