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Truro Cathedral, UK

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ImageThe main attraction of the city of Truro is the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which belongs to the Anglican Church. It rises with its spiers 76 meters above the city of Truro and is visible from anywhere in the city. Once upon a time on the site of the present cathedral stood the parish church of the Virgin Mary. According to sources, she was here already in 1259, possibly earlier. In 1876, the Truro diocese was formed, and four years later it was decided to begin the construction of its cathedral. John Loughborough Person was invited to the post of architect, among whose works is the Cathedral in Lincoln. True, he died before the completion of construction, and the son of the architect was finishing the work. By the way, the first bishop of the new cathedral was also from Lincoln. The Duke of Cornwall, who later became King Edward VII, was honored to lay the first stones in the foundation of the building. The construction of the cathedral lasted from 1880 to 1910. Neo-Gothic with French Gothic elements was chosen as the style. The building has three towers built at different times, crowned with three spiers. The first of them was ready already in 1905, the other two were built by 1910.

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