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Lincoln Cathedral in the UK

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ImageThe Lincoln Cathedral of the Virgin Mary is the third largest church in the whole of medieval Great Britain, built in the Gothic style and today located in the city of Lincoln and belonging to the diocese of the same name of the English church. This majestic building stands with three high towers on a hill and can be seen from afar. Before the cathedral's central spire collapsed in 1549, the building was considered the tallest in the world. The building of the cathedral stands on the site where the ancient Roman fortifications were once located, the remains of which can be seen today. The first Christian church in these places is mentioned in written sources around the 620s, when a small basilica was erected by the bishop of York Polinus. It was soon destroyed along with the rest of the city by a Viking raid. The next builder of the cathedral at this place was Bishop Remigius of Fecamps. He erected a castle and a well fortified imposing Romanesque cathedral, which, after the fire, had to be rebuilt by Bishop Alexander the Magnificent. The building built then did not last long. It was partially destroyed by the feudal conflicts of the mid 1100s, and then the 1185 earthquake completed the matter. The reconstruction of the cathedral in the form in which we can see it today, began in 1192 by Bishop Hugh of Lincoln. The work lasted until the 1280s. The resulting building is an example of English Gothic; its eastern facade, decorated with delicate openwork carvings and unusual cladding, stands out especially. Even some neo-Gothic buildings built during the Victorian era have some of the features of this cathedral (for example, the Victoria Tower of Westminster Palace in London). In the middle of the 13th century, a unique and oldest of its kind decagonal chapter house was built next to the cathedral. The cathedral is no less spectacular inside than outside. The interior is made with special nobility and taste. Here you can admire the famous Gothic sculptural composition"Angelic Choir" created in 1256-1280. Thanks to the stained glass windows, bright multi-colored glare falls on the entire atmosphere of the cathedral. Lincoln Cathedral houses an extensive collection of medieval manuscripts. It also houses a Victorian organ, played by the best organists. Another attraction of the cathedral is the relics of Bishop Hugo of Lincoln who founded the cathedral.

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Topic: Lincoln Cathedral in the UK.Lincoln Cathedral in the UK

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