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Mount Korvatunturi in Finland

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ImageMount Korvatunturi is a three-headed hill 486 meters high, located in Lapland not far from the Russian-Finnish border. The eastern part of the hill is located on the territory of the Verkhnetulomsky settlement in the Murmansk region, its western part is in the Lappi province in the Savukoski community in Finland. The border runs along the middle peak of the hill and is marked with a border sign. From 1920 to 1947, the border between the USSR and Finland ran in such a way that its line from Korvatunturi went to the northeast. After the conclusion of the Paris Peace Treaty, the border to the south of the hill did not change, but to the north it went west, in connection with which the territories of both countries changed somewhat, in particular, the Pechenga region began to belong to the USSR. Finnish folklore claims that it is here, on the three-domed Korvatunturi hill in Lapland, that the Finnish Santa Claus lives - Joulupukki. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Mount Korvatunturi in Finland.Mount Korvatunturi in Finland

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