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Mount Haltiatunturi in Finland

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ImageMount Haltiatunturi is a hill in the western part of Lapland. It is located on the border with Norway, on the territory of the Finnish community of Enontekiyo and the Norwegian communes of Nurreisa and Kofjord. The highest point of the hill is located in Norway and reaches an altitude of 1365 meters above sea level. On the slope of Haltiatunturi there is also the highest point in Finland - 1324 meters above sea level. The shortest way to the top of the hill is from the Norwegian side. Since ancient times, the Haltiatunturi fell was considered sacred, many Sami legends, legends and stories are associated with it, some of which have passed into Finnish folklore. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Mount Haltiatunturi in Finland.Mount Haltiatunturi in Finland

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