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Ellmau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Elmau Castle – the castle, which today has become a luxury hotel in the mountains.

The hotel is located in a mountain valley between the cities of Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the foot of the Wetterstein mountain range.

The first mention of this area dates back to 1542. There was a remote farm and sawmill. When the sawmill ceased to generate income, its owners sold the land to two fans of King Ludwig II. He often stayed near this place in the Chahen castle. There he spent several days smoking opium. The owners lost interest in their lands after the death of the king. Later, before the First World War, the estate was acquired by Professor Johann Muller. The construction of his castle was completed by 1916. The professor was known as the creator of a new German idealism, untainted by the ideas of nationalism, his castle, accordingly, was known as a `` moral sanatorium ''. He himself believed that his castle was intended for meetings with like-minded people who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle and reality in general. In his scientific pursuits, Muller criticized the National Socialist Party of Germany for its ideology, anti-Semitism and biological approach to evolution. At the same time, he considered Hitler as a messenger of God, bringing peace and prosperity. At the same time, in his opinion, German Jews are also endowed with a special mission of the nation chosen by God. In his palace, the all-German sign of greeting was prohibited. In 1942, in order to avoid confiscation of the castle, Muller entered into an agreement with General Fromm on the use of the castle for military purposes. In 1944, a military hospital was housed here.

A member of the Belam Rose resistance movement took refuge in Elmau Castle; Alexander Schmorell, who collaborated with the Russians. However, in the end, Schmorel was arrested and executed. The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia proclaimed him a saint.

The Americans used the castle in 1945 as a concentration camp for the Nazis, later – like a military school. In 1949, the owner of the castle, Johann Muller, died here. Since 1957, chamber music concerts have been regularly held within the castle walls.

In August 2005, the upper floors of the castle burned to the ground as a result of poor wiring. Since 2007, the restored castle has become an upscale hotel.

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Topic: Ellmau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Ellmau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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