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Castle Kranzbach in Germany, resort Bavaria

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Castle Kranzbach – A 'pseudo-castle' built at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it houses a hotel. The castle is located not far from the Ellmau castle, in a mountain valley at the foot of the Zugspitze mountain, the highest point of Germany.

The English aristocrat Honoreyble Mary Isabel Portman acquired land in 1913, where she soon erected a castle according to the project of two British architects Fernardo Billeray and Detmar Blow. The style in which the lock is made is – English arts and crafts movement. It is very reminiscent of the castles of Ireland and Scotland in its appearance, for which it received the name `` English Castle ''.

Work continued even during the First World War. However, the mistress was no longer in it, so the rebuilt building was empty. In 1931, the heirs of Mary Isabelle Portman leased the castle to the Evangelical Church of Dortmund, who used the castle to organize recreation for young people from the Ruhr region.

In the winter of 1930, a fire broke out and the castle was significantly damaged. After that, it was renovated, and by the time of the Olympic Games in the winter of 1936 it was converted into a hotel.

At the very beginning of World War II, Kranzbach Castle became one of the sites of the Kinderlandverschickung camp for evacuated children.;. After the end of the war, US Army officers rested in Kranzbach. In 1947, the Dortmund Evangelical Church settled here again, and in 2003 the castle was bought out and again converted into a hotel.

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Topic: Castle Kranzbach in Germany, resort Bavaria.Castle Kranzbach in Germany, resort Bavaria

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