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Repovesi National Park in Finland

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ImageRepovesi National Park is a park located in the communes of Mantyharju and Kouvola, a few hours drive north-east of the territories of Southern Finland. In these places, logging work was carried out earlier, but after the founding of a national park here, all lands were restored to almost pristine state. Pines and birches mainly grow in the national park. The fauna is more diverse, there are a lot of deer, bears, lynx and elk, and various birds, for example, owls, red loons, and representatives of the chicken family. The Koukunjoki River flows through the national park, there are small streams and lakes. There are several tourist attractions here: Olhavanvuori Hill, which is a very popular climbing site; Kultareitti water route; Kuutinlahti Bay with restored canals for rafting; the suspension bridge Lapinsalmi; several observation towers, the highest of which is the Elving Tower, which is 20 meters high. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Repovesi National Park in Finland.Repovesi National Park in Finland

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