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Shambles Street, York Resort, UK

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ImageChambles street is the most medieval street in Europe. Most of the houses on this street were built in the XIV century. Chambles is a narrow winding street with cobbled streets and densely packed houses. It seems that if you spread your arms wide enough, you can touch the walls of the houses on both sides of the street. The upper floors of the houses protrude and hang over the lower ones, creating the effect of isolation. In the Middle Ages, there were butchers' shops at every step. Usually there was a slaughterhouse in the backyard of the house, and a shop overlooked the street. The sidewalks then performed not the usual function of separating the carriageway from the pedestrian; they served as a kind of drains for slaughterhouse waste, which flowed into the middle of the street. The street was washed only twice a week, so there was always a terrible stench here, rats were running around. For a long time, no sanitary and hygienic standards were observed on Chambles Street. Butchers have not lived here for a long time, but hooks for hanging meat and trade shelves have been preserved on the walls of houses to this day. Over time, some butcher shops were replaced by bookstores, others were converted into bakeries and cafes, or souvenir shops. Today, Chambles Street is home to antique, souvenir shops, boutiques, tea and coffee shops. This street in 2010 was recognized as the most picturesque British street by online voting Google Street. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Shambles Street, York Resort, UK.Shambles Street, York Resort, UK

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